Image Masking services


Image masking is one of the important works of image processing. Usually it is used to extortion of images from its background with Photoshop where the edges are not sharp or well defined. It is one of the hardest and also challenging works if you want to move an object from one background to another background.

Image maskingImage Masking isn’t an ordinary job. Successfully image masking is equally time-consuming and also demanding. Although it depends on image to image. Mostly masking is used for hair extortion and also color correction .There is a number of techniques and procedures of doing masking. Super Clipping Zone, Is a leading outsourcing graphic designing house, applies all types of necessary tools and technique to make a high quality image masking in cost effective manner . Our highly skilled team is enable to apply hair masking services technique for any complex images. They are also dedicated towards maintaining the highest quality with faster turnaround time at reasonable price rates.


The services you will get regarding this area are:

  • Masking with white background
  • Masking with transparent background
  • Channel masking
  • Alpha masking
  • Layer masking

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