Multi clipping path services

Multi clipping path services

Multiple Clipping Paths is a complicated form of clipping Paths. It is also known as Color Gradient (or Grading) or Color Path, or Color Correction Masks. With the techniques of Multiple Clipping Paths, we can take apart colors from every item within an image. We can change opacity and even alter color effects or corrections to give the image a fresh new look. It is also done to split some parts of the image for further image editing/manipulation in Photoshop or do swatches match .Our expert designers and artists utilize Photoshop to create Multiple Layers while simultaneously generating Multiple Clipping Paths for your design.

Multiple Clipping Paths may be used with any product photo. It is very vital for e-commerce sites to make your product stand out from the crowd. Fashion garments, fashion design materials, fashion catalogues all look better; brochures, magazines, booklets, leaflets, newspapers, and even posters can really attract the eye; GIF/Flash composites & animations, along with Web templates, can be flawless. In addition, Multiple Clipping Paths techniques have also garnered much attention in photographic studios, publishing houses, graphic design firms, advertising agencies, web design companies and many others fields.

Super Clipping Zone offers

  • 100% handmade clipping path with pen tool
  • Affordable prices but zero tolerance in quality
  • Monthly payment system assessable   
  • Huge amount of image processing capacity
  • Very quick delivery
  • Competitive price
  • 100% quality granted
  • Volume discount  

If you have any images just click the Free trail and send us your sample, you will get a quick reply with worm reception. We can also reach in a suitable price if you have bulk order.