Image Rеtоuсhing

Model was not ashamed, a few years ago, to admit that faces had been “photoshoptted” for perfection. Today the times have altered much more. Models who survive the cutthroat industry known that just being photogenic is not enough. It is not even to be in shape. Image retouch has become a global mantra for girls and boys entering the modeling Industry. This photo treatment is showing the true colors of what digital software can do. A thing of beauty lasts forever and there is no harm in retouching a picture. Image retouching has become a part of everyday living also. Many consumers also want to show off their best facial features with this popular treatment.
Image retouch

Image retouching

Image retouch Since photo processing is inevitable, the experts should do it only. They can match the content of the original and retouch with minimal changes to the real character. Covering minor imperfections can be done with a slew of technique and tools. An established editor will prefer to leave a few blemishes rather than take out. For example, a face densely covered with freckles or sports can be completed cleared of the blemish. But if the model is likely to be seen in other event the freckles cannot be removed in all pictures. So the  perfect  picture will look faked and will not compliments .hence an editor has to practice restrain when he does image retouching

Head shot Retouching

Image retouch involves simple air brushing removal of red eye doing vertical makeup, enhancing the face structure, smoothing the skin giving illusion of lip gloss use of lip paint. Advanced technique also includes nip tuck, body restructuring to make it look slimmer, ironing out wrinkles, non distinctive dodge and burning. Even hair masking can be done to improve the retouching. With the use of Photoshop, 3D effects and also super after effect a lot of editing can be achieved. Image retouch

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